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We are updating our web site and the new one will include information on our American Guinea Hogs…

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Look at all that color.  There will be eleven wethers available starting right before Christmas.  Get yours early before they are all gone.

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Willie’s kids will be available for the May, June, July fairs.  Make sure to check out the pictures on 4Shoes Ranch Face Book Page…lots of reds, paints and traditionals to choose from. If you are interested in a red buck PLEASE let me know ASAP…or they get disbudded and castrated for project animals. A deposit is required to hold the bucks.

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With kids due in October, Willie is starting up a new season with 2 of my does now and a few more of Sue’s in a couple of weeks.

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Right now not much going on at 4Shoes Ranch…sold all the wethers for the Madera and Fresno Fairs.  Does are bred and young does are growing up quickly…Nice when there is not much to do other than feed.

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Poor #26 got bitten by a good sized rattlesnake.  He is going to make it…pretty swollen though.

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Here is Daffodil.  She is a yearling+ Boer/Nubian black and white doe that is due to kid by May.  Good trade for a buckling.  Big and tall.


Apr 152012
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Skip is doing very well in his Western bridle…working on those flying lead changes and better stops. He is for sale.

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Kids have received their 2nd shot and all got weighed…Lots nearing 60 pounds already…$150 this month…Only 5 left that are show quality.  Young registered replacement does available to0.