4Shoes Ranch specializes in purebred and percentage Boer goats, Boer/Kiko cross goats, and American Guinea Hogs. We also raise Appaloosa horses.


4Shoes Ranch goats are pasture fed part of the year and hay, browse and pellet/grain-fed the rest of the year. We have registered doelings, bucklings, and market wethers for 4-H and FFA projects for spring and fall.

Two babies


4Shoes Ranch pigs include American Guinea Hogs, an American Heritage Breed. Our pigs live on pasture and supplemental feed. They are easy on fences, friendly and fast growers. We have also introduced a KuneKune boar (Mickey). He is a handsome, sweet addition to our breeding program. We will have both registered American Guinea Hogs and AGH/KuneKune piglets available soon.

American Guinea Hogs


4Shoes Ranch is located in the Sierra foothills south of Yosemite National Park, in Coarsegold, California. We occasionally offer Appaloosa foals for sale.

Two babies

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